Limited large animal surgeries are also available at BVC. We offer these in our padded stall. This makes the surgeries and recovery safer and more comfortable for our patients. These large animal surgeries include:

  • Equine Castration 
  • Cryptorchid Castration 
  • Tumor Removal 
  • Laceration Repair 
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair 
  • Bovine Surgeries- including caesarians, cosmetic dehorns, Urethrotomy (Water Belly Surgery)
  • Cesarean Section (C-Sections)
  • Digital Radiography 

Other large animal services available include:

  • Equine Lameness and Prepurchase Exams
  • Health Certificates and Coggins Tests
  • Insurance Exams
  • Equine Dentistry
  • Equine Sheath Cleaning
  • Preg Checking and Ultrasound (Equine and Bovine)
  • Euthanasia and Disposal Service
  • Cattle Herdwork - Spaying, Bangs Vaccinations and   Semen Testing
  • Artificial Insemination Services

Large Animal Services
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To obtain our goal in disease prevention rather than treatment, we have established complete health programs for feedlot cattle, cow/calf herds, dairy, swine, sheep, goats, horses, and llamas. These programs can be tailored to the individual herdsman's needs and include vaccinations, parasite control, necessary surgeries, and other procedures. We also offer consulting options for production records and financial analysis.

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